Specialization in Industrial Chemistry

Indutsrial Chemistry ExpertiseCounterparts Chemistry specializes in industrial chemistry analysis, formulation support, and process troubleshooting leading to cost-effective and efficient problem resolution. Our general core focus areas in chemical and material services can be summarized as follows:
  • Finished Product Development: Chemistry Innovation and Intellectual Property
  • Technology (Raw Materials and Processes) Development: Green Chemistry, Sustainability, and Process Improvement
  • Technical Service Support: Chemical & Material Analysis and Optimization
  • Legal and Medical Support: Chemical, Material, and Regulatory Expertise
  • Corporate Support: ROI, Cost Reduction, Sales Retention and Growth

Recently we have executed innovative, non-routine projects for the following specific industries:

Chemical Manufacturing
HVAC Engineering Firms
Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Architectural Firms
Chemical Distributors
Plastics Manufacturing
Law Firms
Wastewater Treatment Equipment Manufacturing
Novel Product Startup Firms
Private Investors
Corporate Research Firms
Formulation Technology Firms
Dairy Engineering Firms
Wastewater Consulting Firms
Packaging Manufacturing
Environmental Laboratories
Academic Institutes and Research Centers
Governmental Agencies
Advanced Process Ceramics Manufacturing
Recycled Materials Recovery and Manufacturing
Process Waste Conversion Engineering Firms
Medical and Insurance Support Firms
Environmental Consulting Firms
Dairy Manufacturing

Here are a few recent specific examples of how we’ve leveraged our chemical knowledge and laboratory skills to assist our Clients in problem resolution leading to significant, measurable cost reductions:
  • Chemistry Analysis: Measured and interpreted viscosity, yield value, and flow behaviors of yogurt raw materials and finished products to assist with proper plant engineering design
  • Formulation Support: Developed at a competitive price point a new green cleaning product for steel surfaces that cleans, shines, and protects the surface far better than standard cleaners
  • Process Troubleshooting: Identified an unknown residue from dairy processing and interpreted the results to reveal decomposition of plant conveyor belts, leading to use of more compatible materials
Please email or better yet call to discuss specific chemistry challenges in your operation. We’ll listen, objectively evaluate, and offer recommendations within existing constraints for how the challenges can be overcome.